12 Things That Make You More Of A Catch Than Being Gorgeous

12 Things That Make You More Of A Catch Than Being Gorgeous

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Who doesn’t like hearing someone say that they’re gorgeous? But no one said you have to be gorgeous in order to be a catch or make a great girlfriend. Hell no! That’s the biggest dating myth ever. Some women who get hit on the most and end up in happy relationships are those who aren’t that attractive in a textbook way. Here’s what makes them so hot:


Let’s be honest—perfection is boring AF, especially when you’ve been dating someone for a while, you know they’re gorgeous, and now you want something more than just looks to keep you interested. You want something that sets the person apart from the crowd and makes them unique, and it’s the same for men. Think actress Kate Bostworth’s eyes that are different colors or model Georgia May Jagger’s gap-toothed smile. Your quirks make you attractive!


You can be the most gorgeous woman in the room but if you’re a liar, no one’s going to want to be around you no matter how charming you are. There’s nothing attractive about dishonesty, no matter how long your eyelashes are or how toned your abs look in all your Instagram selfies. Fact!

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