5 Lessons on Loving Yourself While Trying to Lose Weight from Sara Rue

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Cliché or not, the saying is true: You really are a unique, special snowflake–and trying to lose weight proves it. What works for your body might not work for anyone else’s in your journey to shedding pounds or toning up certain areas. But what all too many women have in common while trying to lose weight is how it makes them feel as if they’re not good enough right now.

lose weight from sara rue
5 Lessons on Loving Yourself While Trying to Lose Weight from Sara Rue

Let’s get a few things clear right off the bat: One, you’re gorgeous. Yes, YOU. Just the way you are. Two, no diet or exercise plan should ever make you feel less than or make you compare yourself to other people. Three, even if you’re feeling this way right now, there is hope.

We talked with Sara Rue, star of the 2000’s TV series Less Than Perfect who went through her own public weight loss journey, about her challenges and successes in getting healthy and feeling happy in her own skin before and after having a baby. The cast member of the new TV show Impastor also shared tried-and-true tips she wants you to know about loving yourself as you try to lose weight. We know you’re going to adore what she had to say.

1. Keep Things in Perspective

“I don’t think anyone’s self worth should ever be tied to a number on a scale. I think it should be about what comes from the inside. If you can get your outside to a point where you feel comfortable, happy, and healthy, that is just such a huge accomplishment.”

2. Remember This One Thing

“I know how hard the struggle can be, but you’re worth it. You are worth how hard it’s going to be to get to the life you want to live. You deserve it!”

3. Break This Terrible Habit

“The most important thing to stop doing is beating yourself up. Enough! Done! Weight loss is hard enough. We don’t need to be beating ourselves up over it. Just stop. It is what it is, and now you’re going to make a change if that’s what you want.”

4. Give Yourself Some Credit

“Love yourself for being strong enough to stop. Love yourself for being strong enough to say, ‘I’m going to make a change, and I’m going to do it.’”

5. Don’t Set Yourself Up for Food Guilt

“It’s important to remember what’s actually important to you. That memory that you have from childhood of eating your mom’s homemade cranberry sauce by the cupful during the holidays is still your memory. It’s still there. But it doesn’t mean you have to repeat those patterns.”

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