7 Post-Workout Recovery Tips

7 Post-Workout Recovery Tips You Can’t Miss If You Want to Maximize the Effects of Exercise

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When bringing out the best in your physical fitness, post-workout recovery is just as essential as what you do during your workout.

Know that true gains are made when your muscles are recovering, but that gaining process starts with your workouts.

The bridge between effort and gains is recovery, so learn how to make the absolute most of your post-workout recovery.

1. Push Your Limits, But Do So With Moderation

While it’s true you will only see results by pushing your limits, you don’t want to go too far off the deep end. If your muscles hurt several days after your workout, chances are you’re pushing yourself just a bit too much. A good middle ground is to shoot for doing a bit more than you did during your last workout. This better ensures you make steady progress rather than go one step forward only to stumble two steps back.

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