Do This One Simple Exercise to Correct Your Body Posture

Do This One Simple Exercise to Correct Your Body Posture

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In fact, body posture is more important for your health than for the way you look. Having a poor posture can weaken your back and core muscles and lead to serious back pain!

Bad body posture is becoming more and more common in recent years as more and more people work with computers or at a desk where they slouch for long periods of the day, every day. Excess weight, stress, pregnancy and even text messaging can all lead to bad posture and a serious pain in the future.

The American Physical Therapy Association also warns:

“Good posture is also good prevention. If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended. Faulty posture may cause you fatigue, muscular strain, and, in later stages, pain.”
Add that to the strain that weak muscles can put on your shoulders, legs, and core muscles and that back pain you keep ignoring could prove to be very serious indeed!

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