How Listening To People’s Stories Changed My Life

How Listening To People’s Stories Changed My Life

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This is my story of how listening to people’s stories changed me and my life. I hope it will inspire you to be kinder with those around you.

On September 22nd, 2013, 9:17 of a sunny and crisp Sunday morning, my father died. The heart attack was not entirely unexpected, but sudden nonetheless. This incident changed my life forever. I was away from home, studying in another city. The last time I had spoken to my father was 5 days before, and we had talked about the weather.

I got through it well enough. There were pain and guilt and a lot of questions, but the hardest part when one is suffering is not in the pain itself. It is when there is no one to share all that anguish with. Sometimes people need to vent, cry and create their own monologue, find comfort in their own words. They do not need someone to fix things, or give them advice, or hold their hand.

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