How to Do Tricep Workout
How to Do Tricep Workout

How to Do Tricep Workout

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Triceps are a very important muscle for your physique guys. It makes up ⅔ of your arm, and although the arms aren’t an important muscle for life, they have a cosmetic advantage with women. Since they are visible to all, they are the most important thing for most guys when they train. Simply put they are the highest yield for effort and time invested next to middle delts and traps, but unlike traps, triceps can’t be too big.

Triceps are a ton of fun to train as there are thousands of different ways to hit them and they can be trained as much as 3 times a week according to Hany Rambod and Rich Piana.  Honestly this is like the reward for a week of legs and back and biceps, to have the privilege to train triceps.

There are 3 heads of the TRI- (three) -CEP (head); middle, lateral and long. the long is special since it crosses your shoulder joint and facilitates the rear delt on arm extension. This is important when we discuss the positions to train each head optimally.  The Lateral head makes you look wider like the middle delt and subsequently makes your waist look smaller. It is part of your overall frame surprisingly.


Easy there turbo, not those kind of positions:) I’m talking about how to orient the arm so that the contraction of the triceps allows you to work the different parts of the force continuum. No really. I’m not making this up. The strength of the muscle is not equal throughout its contraction. At the most stretched position and at the most contracted position the muscle is weakest. When the muscle is half contracted, when you’re in the middle of your range of motion, your muscle is its strongest. There are 3 basic positions: Contracted, Stretch, and Strength.


When your arm is behind your back the long head of your tricep is contracted as much as possible from the origin. This is because the long head attaches at the scapula (shoulder blade), not the humerus (upper arm) as are the medial and the lateral tricep heads. This means you need to have your arm behind you to fully contract your triceps. I like the contracted position to get a great pump.
The best example of this position is the Dumbbell Kick Back, because your arm is behind you and when your arm is fully extended gravity is acting at a 90 degree angle from the direction the muscle is lying. In other words the muscle is in its most contracted position possible and the force is in the most direct direction possible. In between sets squeeze the muscle in this contracted position. This starves the muscle and creates an up-regulation of nitric oxide (NO).
NO will increase your pump throughout the rest of the workout. Some try to get their pump at the end of the workout, others the beginning. I get the best pump when I do it at the beginning, but then I lose it before the end, on the other hand If i start with stretch and end with contraction I get a pump the whole workout, but not at the skin tearing level as doing the contraction position first. For this reason I developed Wyked 2.1. With this I can have a pump through the entire workout.

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