How to Purify Negative Karma and Get What You Want

How to Purify Negative Karma and Get What You Want

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There are so many blogs about Karma and lots of lively discussions on social media, so I thought I would add my interpretations and understanding of Buddhist Karma. I was briefly ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in 2002; lived for five years in a meditation retreat hut and also studied full time for five years with an authentic Tibetan Buddhist scholar. I mention that so you know where I’m coming from–mostly the Tibetan Buddhist perspective of Karma but with my own spin on it all.

Karma is a precise science of Eastern psychology and, more generally speaking, refers to people’s actions which have a cause and an effect. It’s an ancient type of behaviourism that came way before B.F. Skinner and thousands of years before Pavlov’s dog salivated.

One big issue that gets missed in the karma discussion is that it all relies on intention. The studies I underwent emphasised that your intention in every moment determines what karmic seeds, or mental imprints, are planted in your mind and also what seeds ripen.

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